Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Something LIke a Love Song by Becca Burton

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Author Name: Becca Burton Book Name: Something Like a Love Song Release Date: November 19, 2015  

I’m excited to have Becca Burton, author of Something Like a Love Song. Hi Becca, on the Book blog Today. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Thank you for having me. Something Like a Love Song is my first novel, a story about two long time boyfriends who find themselves facing a life changing tragedy and have to find the courage and love for each other to fight through.

While this is my first novel, I have posted many stories online, and have been writing ever since I learned how. I currently work as a nurse in a Neonatal ICU, and medicine has been a big interest in my life, and always seems to find a way into my writing. I am passionate about diverse, LGBTQ fiction, and am very excited to contribute to this genre.

1)      What kind of book would you like to write that people would see as a huge departure for you?

I would love to write a fantasy/sci fi novel someday. I grew up reading fantasy novels and while I’ve strayed from it a bit, I would love to try my hand at writing one. I don’t know if this would seem like a huge departure, but it would definitely be a little different than what I’ve been doing!

2)     Have you ever killed a character? Was it traumatic for you? If you haven’t killed one, would you ever consider it?

I don’t think I have killed a character. I would consider doing it if it was important for the story, but I’m not a fan of characters being killed off just for shock value. Sometimes it’s a part of the story, and is necessary, but I would want my readers to understand why I had to do it.

3)     Favorite location you’ve ever written about?

I spent much of my life growing up in the Midwest, and while now I live in Oregon, the Midwest has a very special place in my heart and usually makes an appearance in my stories. Living in Oregon now, I find the state so fascinating and beautiful, I think it will be my new favorite place to write about.

4)     What’s your favorite season and favorite activity for that season?

Fall. Definitely fall. I love the cooler weather, and the smell of fallen leaves, and jumping into leaf piles and listening to them crunch. My favorite activity would probably be hiking in the woods and seeing all the different colors that nature has to offer. Or just walking downtown and stopping to warm up with a cup of coffee somewhere. I love the simple, peaceful days that fall can bring.


Blurb: One tragic night left Landon and Dylan’s dreams of happily ever after in apparent ruin. Forced to overcome physical and emotional trauma, the young lovers turn to a network of family and friends as they attempt to rebuild their lives. But can their one constant—their love—survive the changes both undergo on the road to recovery?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dream God by J. Johanis

Dream God by J Johanis 4x6  
Author Name: J. Johanis Book Name: Dream God  
Series: S-Gods Book: Two Series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. Release Date: November 30, 2015

Today I’m excited to have J. Johanis, author of Dream God, on the Book Blog today!.

Tell us the highlight of your writing career (so far).

It’s hard to say what the highlight of my career is since it hasn’t been long since I published my book. However, I’d have to say that the highlight for me so far was going to GRL this year in San Diego. It was great meeting other m/m authors and readers as well as people I’ve become acquainted with on Goodreads, Facebook, & GLBT blogs. Though I loved the readings and author panels, I had the most fun in the evenings going to dinners and parties. It was such a great feeling being surrounded by people who love m/m romance just as much as I do. As this was my first event, I hope to attend more in the future. I especially have my sights set on Euro Pride Con in Berlin.

Blurb: For the first time in three years, Aya is finally free, but with his freedom comes the pain of all he’s lost. Seeing Akad and Marduk together makes him realize how badly he has messed up. By betraying Marduk, he ruined his chance with the one god he desires more than anything. Aya needs time to heal and put his world back together, but the trial against the Order looms over him. As the trial begins, Akad, Marduk, and Aya are ensnared in a web of jealousy, backstabbing, and cut-throat politics. Were they crazy to think they could stand up to the Order? If the gods of the Order can still rip their lives apart, their chances of receiving justice may be next to impossible. But if they fail to bring the Order down, Aya may never be free from their grasp. Content Advisory: M/M sex, polyamory, & dub-con.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Safety in Number by Jessie G


Author Name: Jessie G. Book Name: Safety In Numbers Series: Sizzling Miami Book: Five Release Date: October 31, 2015  

Thank you to Book Reviews, Rants, and Raves for hosting Safety in Numbers today. This installment in the Sizzling Miami series has been the most anticipated and I worried more over this book than any other I’ve written. Now that it’s out there in the world, I’m still worried, but so far the feedback has been beyond my expectations. I’d like to touch on one of the comments I received after the review ARC’s went out.

One of the bloggers who received an early review copy of Safety in Numbers sent a PM thanking me for not writing to a formula. I don’t know if my books are different in the grand scheme of the genre, but I do believe that my books are very different from each other. Though I’m writing a series, the first book was an angst filled cop drama, while the second was more of a tender love story with only a little bit of external angst (no cops required), and the third was more BDSM with severe past abuse themes and a drug dealer. This book is none of those things. First, it’s about two different couples that needed to be told together. Second, while the MC’s have angst-filled pasts, their approach to the present is also very different. The story hinges solely on these two couples finding their way and has little to no external present day angst. So, yeah, this little group has a lot of connections and they all help each other, but each of them leads very different lives.

At the end of The Protector, book 3, I knew I would be writing a full length sequel to address the issues that book raised, though I believed the HEA at the end was solid. I still believe it, but there was a bit of an outcry that made me divulge that I’d be doing a sequel, even though I’d intended to make it a surprise book. This time, knowing I left a couple of questions unanswered, I flat out say at the end that there’s more to come. It’s not a cliffhanger, don’t misunderstand, you always get your HEA from me, but readers will want to know what happens after—I want to know what happens after. J

I wish I could say that I was organized enough to have plotted the series out that way, but it would be a lie. I know who my main characters are and I have a timeline of whose next, as well as an organizational chart of how they’re all connected, but that’s the extent of my planning. The characters talk to me constantly, some louder than others, and the story really doesn’t come together until I open the document and put my fingers to the keyboard. What flows is as much a surprise to me as it is to my readers. 

Blurb: “Bros stick together no matter what.” When Chris and Liam made that promise, they had no idea how important it would become or how it would be tested in the most brutal way. Nine years later, their bond cemented in blood, that relationship is all they have to hold on to. “No matter what happens, this friendship will be the one constant we can count on.” When Billy and Owen made that promise, they knew exactly how dangerous the world could be. They survived prison by protecting each other and they survived freedom by holding that promise sacred. Now they want more than just to survive and they want it from the brothers whose bond is as strong as their own. “We are stronger together than we’ll ever be apart.” When Owen reaches his breaking point, Chris jumps at the chance to make things right for all of them. With the future in their grasp, will they realize their strength is in their numbers and finally become the family they crave?  

Author’s Note: This is NOT a foursome, but the story of two couples that needed to be told together.