Thursday, April 10, 2014

Love You Forever by Amelia Bishop


They grew up together, and fell in love along the way. But the night Cole & Rick came out to their parents their lives changed in ways they never expected. Before their romance could stand on its own, they were cursed by the gods to remain together, or die.

What happens when kissing your boyfriend becomes a life or death situation? When you have to stay together no matter how your feelings change?

Cole promised he’d love Rick forever. He had no idea how difficult that would prove to be.


Love You Forever is my friend Amelia Bishop’s latest release. If you love sweet m/m romances that start when the characters are young and follow them throughout their lives, you’ll like this one, too. Cole and Rick are in the spring of their high school year when a curse is placed upon them. The story unfolds as they learn to live with the curse, become slaves to the curse, and try to overcome the curse. I’m not a fan of paranormal fiction usually but it’s so slight and handled so well, it makes the story enjoyable.

Amelia captures some of the darkest moments in these characters lives. I felt their longing, lust, and despair all the way to my gut as I read the passages. She does a great job of writing about the emotional toll the curse takes on these. Amelia does it so well, you don’t even know it until you are right in the moment with the characters.

I highly recommend this read!

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