Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rainbow Snippets - A Place to Call Their Own

“I’ve considered all the options, Pa,” Frank replied with just a bit of school-aged irritation in his voice. “That’s why I’m going with Young and not on my own.” He still hadn’t looked his father in the eye since the rest of the family had exited. Frank gazed around the room. Besides the new dining room table, the room appeared the same as it had when he was growing up. Frank remembered being kept after breakfast as a child and receiving warnings about acting up during the busy day of work ahead. He pictured his ten-year-old self sitting there, this time being lectured about going to Kansas.
“How well do you know this boy? I asked about his folks. They say his old man was a son of a bitch.”

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Can two men find love amidst the pervasive culture of  propriety, honor, and expectation of the 1960s?

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  1. Poor Frank. It's not easy facing down a respected authority figure.

  2. I love the way his father worries. And that last line makes me want to know a lot more about his friend and his family.

  3. I like that his father is concerned about him.

  4. That's got to be a tough spot for him--on the one hand, his father cares and is worried for him. On the other hand, I'll bet he wouldn't be so thrilled if he knew the truth.

  5. For some reason, I'm getting a flashback of the first episode of 'Smallville', when Jonathan is warning Clark about Lex, because of Lionel. :) One's father can really make one look bad in a small town.