Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So excited to have BA Tortuga on the blog this afternoon!

Where did inspiration come from to write the story? 

So, okay. Confession time.

I worry. A lot. Am I giving readers what they want? Am I doing this right? Are people going to like me? Will I survive the zombie apocalypse? What is that thing on my toe?

I was pondering my navel, thinking about things like branding – as in marketing. Y’all get your minds out of the gutter, you naughty puppies. You know, people say you can’t write m/m and m/f and m/m/f and f/f. You can’t write contemporaries and historicals and paranormals. You have to find a bracket and FIT IN IT.

So, y’all might know me. I’m the square peg/round hole broad.


At any rate I was trying to figure out my next move. Cowboys? Paranormal? Rodeo? Werebeasts? Western? Bitey?

It went round and round  in my head for a bit and then suddenly I went, “Christ on a crutch, girl, did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast? PARANORMAL RODEO COWBOYS!”

Now, I knew that this idea was too big for me and me alone, so I woke Julia up. Then we called Kiernan.


It was a match made in the depths of smutty hell, y’all.

Werebears. Ghostriders. Weredingos. Vampires. Nightmares. Psychics. Weretigers. Pyrokenetics. Demons. Dragons. Hellhounds.


Yeah. Midnight Rodeo.

Y’all should come to a show. ;-)

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