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Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler

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Book Title: Fifty Shades of Foreskin Author: Robert Chandler Publisher: Chandler World Media (February 3, 2015) Print Length: 271 pages Genre: Gay, Contemporary, Erotica, Action/Adventure

GGR-LB Blurb Jake Parker is barely legal...and very deadly! He's a young, hot, uncut and impulsive twink with a secret. On his own for the first time, this seemingly normal gay teen is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. His journey from boyhood to manhood will be filled with sex, adventure, travel, danger and passion. He'll be put through tests and training that will stretch him to his limits, teaching him what he's truly made of. But once he's stripped bare, face-to-face with a savage and seductive enemy, will he have what it takes to save the free world?The first summer of his adulthood will leave Jake Parker changed forever... if he lives through it! Fifty Shades of Foreskin is a boundary-pushing gay erotic adventure full of unforgettable excitement, forbidden desire and pulse-pounding thrills. Fifty Shades of Foreskin cover FINAL GGR-LB Author Robert Chandler is a writer, filmmaker and sexual revolutionary. Since an early age, he dreamed of telling stories of adventure that readers would masturbate to, but put those dreams aside to focus on his cats and career. He finally worked up the nerve to put fingers to keys with his first novel, Fifty Shades of Foreskin. He is also the creator of the popular adult website, Fantastic Foreskin. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ Fifty-Shades-of-Foreskin-blog-slider-02-book GGR-LB Buy Link

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GGR-LB Excerpt
I pull the door open to see a man in his early twenties with a very closely cropped, almost shaved, head. He’s young and he looks it. He’s dressed in the standard black slacks and crisp white button-down shirt but there’s something almost primal about him. It’s like he’s in a costume he doesn't belong in. I wonder what he looks like when he's not working. "Your… dinner, sir." The room-service guy, "Kieron" according to his name tag, is giving me a slight look of surprise while trying to maintain his luxury-hotel professionalism. Is it because I'm too young to be in a hotel like this? Is he getting all judgy with me? His eyes keep darting to my middle and lingering. What is it? I look down at myself. "Oh fuck!" I'm completely naked. Like, no-clothes, my-dick-is-out naked. In my haste to answer the door, I completely forgot about the bath and the nap. The towel, my only hope for modesty, is still lying way over on the bed. Worst of all, I'm hard. I must have been having some great dreams because I'm sporting some massive post-nap wood. Looking down I see a silvery drop of glistening pre-cum spill from the slit at the tip of my cockhead that barely peeks out from its foreskin covering. My entire body goes red in embarrassment. "Uh, uh," I stammer for a good minute I'm sure. "I can set this up for you, sir," Kieron tells me, ignoring the 800-pound boner in the room. "Come in," I step out of the way, trying not to look my server in the eye. I grip my cock in one hand, for all the good it does. The young Brit has already seen everything I've got and hiding it now is completely pointless. Yet, still I try. He gives me a reassuring don't-worry-I've-seen-it-all smile. He wheels the cart into the room, circling around me to set it up at the table. I make a path to the bathroom to grab a robe. I clumsily bump into him as I try to pass. I suddenly feel a hand on my cock. I freeze. Kieron stares into my eyes, completely unmoving. His eyes are so blue. And maybe just a little scary. His hand is still wrapped around my pole, which throbs with excitement. He doesn’t stroke it. He just holds it. There’s something so sexual about Kieron’s animal look. I feel like anything could happen. He raises one eyebrow as he pulls his hand over my cock and squeezes the tip of my foreskin. I can feel my pre-cum drain into his palm. He brings his hand to his mouth and licks it. "I'm bloody hungry too!" Before I know it, his lips attack my mouth. He kisses me roughly and I taste my own pre-cum on him. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me so close. He never takes his hand off my cock as we stand there making out. I'm naked, but Kieron is still in that formal uniform, the costume that seems so wrong on a guy so rough, so sexual. Now I'm experiencing the real Kieron. He keeps rubbing my shaft, slowly and deliberately. My foreskin rubs over my wet and sensitive dickhead. I think Kieron knows that if he goes too fast, I'll explode. He knows exactly how to work my cock. I'll bet Kieron knows a lot about cock. I guide him, still attached by the mouth and cock, toward the bedroom. Light headed with excitement, we both fall to the ground before we can make it to the bed. We separate, but only long enough to get that unfortunate uniform off Kieron’s body. There’s a thin sheen of sweat across his skin. He smells wonderful, like a man who’s been working all day. So natural. I stare down at his body. He has a light dusting of hair across the front of his pale skin. He’s thin but toned. He’s got the kind of hot body that doesn't get built in the gym, but by working hard and skipping meals so he can afford drinks and cigarettes. He wears a chunky metal chain around his neck that dips down to his chest. Tattoos scatter his body including a large block of text on the center of his back. But I'm not up for reading right now. I rub my hand over the light reddish-brown fur on his chest. A dark patch leads down to his belly button and then to his crotch. His soft pubes are unshaved but there’s not a massive amount of hair there. The best part about his body is definitely his cock. It’s as big as mine, but with a longer foreskin. He has so much foreskin. I feel jealous and turned on. "I hope you're enjoying your stay, sir," Kieron says, smiling right at me. "It’s a pleasure serving you." He looks rough, but sweet at the same time. I'm very interested in the rough part. "Then fuck me," I tell him. My cock is painfully pulsing. My body needs to feel his dick inside of me. "Fuck me!" We roll on the floor and I'm on top. I push our dicks together, squeezing them and letting our pre-cum run and mix down our long shafts. I moan deeply. His smile widens as he rolls me over on to my back. "Only if you stick that bloody-huge fucking American cock deep inside me fucking hole first." I moan again. If he keeps talking, he won't have to fuck me. I’ll cum just listening to his voice. Kieron pins my hands with his and kisses me hard. I feel the stubble from his face. Everything about him is so rough, so wonderfully unpolished. He’s certainly not the kind of guy on those fancy British tea-and-tophat shows my mom loves to watch on PBS. He’s the type of English guy who probably knows all of the dirtiest parts of London. And they all know him. I just want to drink everything about him in. I’ve never experienced a guy like this in Texas.
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