Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Cottage on Juniper Ridge by Sheila Roberts

I just got done reading Sheila Robert’s latest novel, The Cottage on Juniper Ridge. Yet another story set in Icicle Falls, this time we meet Jen Heath and Stacey Thomas. Jen Heath reads a Muriel Sterling book on simplifying her life and that includes selling her Seattle condo and moving to Icicle Falls. Stacey is a long-time resident who turns simplifying her life into a business of matching people with the right gentle used and antique things.

Once again, Sheila comes through with a great story about women and their incredible group of friends banding together to work through life’s problems. And it’s set in the gorgeous backdrop of the little mountain community of Icicle Falls. My husband, Thomas, and I would love to run a b&b in the little Ozark mountain town of Eureka Springs, AR one day. I think that’s why I like these stories so much, because I see myself fitting in this little town and getting along with these characters so much.

I’m a member of Sheila’s street team, so I usually get the book before everyone else does. Maybe one day I’ll get one read and posted by the time it’s released? Thanks for letting me be involved, Sheila!

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