Thursday, May 1, 2014

Unbreak My Heart by K-lee Klein

Blurb: Brett Taylor has been doing just fine living in his own little world for the past three years, thank you very much. Losing someone special is life changing, and Brett doesn’t understand why everyone and their damn dog thinks they can get all up in his business about him needing to move on. He managed to make the transition from musician to rancher without relying on anyone else’s opinion or help, and he certainly doesn’t need some city kid coming into his life to disrupt his routine--one that involves grief, isolation, and a whole lot of Jack Daniels.

Moving from one meaningless job to the next, JT Campbell is on a quest to escape his old life and figure out who he is and where he belongs. He’s not looking to save anyone, let alone a secretive, hotter-than-hell rancher who wears his heart on his sleeve. JT likes working for Brett, but Brett’s made it perfectly clear that any relationship between them other than a professional one will never see the light of day.

But when JT’s lust turns to love, and he gives in to his desire to find out what makes Brett tick, will his interest push Brett away? Or will he, through his patience and support, be the one who can finally unbreak Brett’s heart?

Review: Loved, loved, loved this book. First of all, every one of the four characters in this novel read like real people. Even Brett is dealing with some very specific grief and guilt, I think anyone reading the book could identify with the level of hurt, loss, and anxiety that he does. Even if one doesn’t identify with Brett, the other characters are just as real.
JT is just as honest. A young guy (anyone five years or more than me is “younger” these days) is at crossroads in his life. I remember being at some of those points in life and feeling and acting the same way he does.
Not only are the individual characters genuine, but so are their relationships with each other. Mother and son, close working relationships, and potential love play out well throughout the story. Each one trying help Brett and JT reach their ultimate goals.
The novel is beautifully written, there was no question in my mind about the wonderful environment in which these characters live and breathe. I was totally caught up in the bit worn down, not too shabby ranch. If you like cowboy stories, but get lost in some of the jargon used to explain what they are doing, you will enjoy this novel. K-lee handles it all beautiful and seamlessly.
I definitely recommend.

For Writers:  If you want to develop writing internal conflict and how that affects a character's relationships, this is a great book for that. If you want hone your skill at developing a relationship, this novel can help with that. Finally, if you want to write sensual love scenes, this one has a great one that is not pornographic at all.

Here's a link to a current review of Unbroken Hearts, the follow up novel:

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