Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Water Witch by Amelia Bishop

I am excited to have one of my very good writer friends on the blog today, Amelia Bishop, and her new book, Water Witch.

Author Bio: I am a reader and writer of romantic erotic fiction of all varieties. Sometimes, the little stories in my head just need to be shared (and sometimes they are just for me). I enjoy red wine, black rum, shell-hunting walks along the seashore, and solo late-night drunken dance parties.

Author Contact:              
Twitter: @anotheramelia
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ameliabishop507/
Cover Artist: Cover photo by Dan Skinner
Publisher: Self-published
Vincenzo is a witch with a short fuse, a sexy smile, and dirty mouth.

Life demands little from Vincenzo. Treasured by his mother and grandmother, protected by his coven, and blessed with precognitive skills, he grew up happy and carefree in his snug home by the bay.
Then a sexy Fae walks into his house to steal his beloved heirlooms, and into his dreams to steal his heart. Meanwhile, haunting visions of an unknown disaster on the horizon shake his secure world and force him to take responsibility for the first time in his life.
Now he must master his witchcraft, temper his impulsiveness, and listen to his heart.


His long legs draped over the edge of the low bluff and he let my family treasures fall onto the grass beside him. He picked up the incense stone and turned it over in his hand. I knew the old rock well, but his hand enthralled me. His milk-pale skin, smooth and dry now, no longer shone with wetness.
I was able to see his face again then, and drank in the details. No jewelry, human-looking earlobes, and the palest dusting of hair on his face, like a woman might have. No trace of a beard, no imperfections on his skin at all. He smiled at the stone, giving me the impression of affection. Did he covet these things? Want them for himself? Had he taken them just to admire?
He lifted his arm and threw the stone into the deep water below, and I almost jumped up. The water sloshed in the ice bucket, but the vision remained. “NO!” I shouted into the water as the rock hit the waves and sunk, lost forever.
“No.” I almost sobbed it that time. The loss of that stone hit me like a fist to my chest as I sat there, powerless.    

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