Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: The Lodge on Holly Road by Sheila Roberts

Sheila Does it Again!

Once again, one of my favorite authors doesn’t disappoint with her latest novel, The Lodge on Holly Road. The latest in the Life in Icicle Falls Series, as well as her latest holiday read, this time we follow Olivia Wallace and her two sons and get a peek at life at her B&B in the mythical tourist town of Icicle Falls. This time we get to see a typical Christmas celebration at the Lodge and two special families that converge on Icicle Falls for Christmas. Sheila pulls out all the stops for a fun-filled celebration that is reminiscent of Steel Magnolias and Beaches…tears of sorrow one minute, tears of laughter and frivolity the next. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get through a Sheila Robert’s title without crying.

For Writers: If you’re a writer and considering a series, I would highly recommend Sheila’s Life in Icicle Falls series. Even though they are written and things happen in a chronological order, you can read each title separately and catch up later. For example, The Lodge on Holly Road mentions the Chocolate Festival that happens every Valentines Day. Even if you haven’t read Better Than Chocolate yet, you can go back read that after and learn about how the Samantha Sterling brought about the annual Chocolate Festival.

P.S. Although Muriel Sterling’s books didn’t play a large role in this title, I am still waiting for Sheila to publish them, as Muriel Sterling, of course!

As a member of Sheila’s street team, I did receive an ARC of this title.

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