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The Case of the Heavenly Host by L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella

  First and most importantly I want to thank Book Reviews, Rants and Raves for inviting me to post on his blog. I deeply appreciate your existence and your generosity. You provide a critical forum to new authors like myself in a world where small bookstores are dying out. Thanks to writers like you we are able to present our books to the public. You are a great soul.:)

     By way of introduction my name is L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella. I am the author of the Mark Julian Vampire PI Mystery books. I love mysteries, still do in fact.  I had always wanted to write one of my own and, when time permitted, I did it. My first book was The Case of The Choirboy Killer: A Mark Julian Vampire PI Mystery”. By now you will have figured out that my lead character is a vampire and a private eye. He has a pretty impressive pedigree since he is the nephew of Augustus Caesar. He currently resides and works in modern day New York City. Assisting him in his cases is his secretary Jaime. She is a changeling-sex demon who, for reasons all her own, prefers to dress in a style that was typical of the 1940’s.  Naturally there are love interests for both of them. For Mark it is detective Vinnie Pasquale who is a well-formed dark-haired cop assigned to homicide cases. Their initial meeting does not go well but there are heavy sexual sparks between them. For our Jaime, it’s Jean-Claude Roué, a very sexy crown prince of one of the city’s major werewolf clans.

    These books are more than a series of “Mark and friends solve a crime”. In my works I slowly revealed the myriad of supernatural beings that exist in American’s largest metropolis. Our hero and his companions inhabit an amazingly complex unground supernatural world. One I think you will enjoy reading about.

  The books are also about Mark and Vinnie’s personal relationship as well as that of their friends.  In addition to crime solving, issues such as bigotry about interspecies marriages, the bumps and grinds of living together even the sexual temptations that sporadically come to everyone will all make their appearances. Mark and Vinnie are not a modern day “Nick and Nora” couple solving crimes with some wisecracks coupled with occasional minor fights. Things are not easy when you are intimately involved with another person. I try to reflect this fact in these books. There will be fun and yes, some pretty heated sex, but more than that will be the story of two guys who truly love each other but find its not always fun and games being “with” that other person.

     I think this series captures the fun not only in the hunt for a solution to each book’s crime but also, in visiting a world where no one is what they appear to be and supernatural politics are played out with deadly consequences. I also hope that they convey my deep love for New York City. I live here and find her endlessly fascinating. I believe my stories will show that too.

.     Check your Internet seller of choice for my ebooks. I hope you will enjoy this adventure with me. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I think of them as rattling good yarns. 

    Please feel free to write me at: I enjoy fan mail feedback even the critical ones. Okay maybe not so much of the latter but I try to reply to everyone who takes the time to write to me. *grinning* And again, a huge thank you to moderator of this fantastic blog for letting me post on it.  Oh my own blog is:


The Case of the Heavenly Host

Book Title:  The Case of the Heavenly Host (A Mark Julian, Vampire P.I. Mystery #3)

Author:  L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella
Publisher:  Ai Press; 2 edition (December 10, 2014)
Book Length:  141 pages
Genre:  Gay, Vampire, Romance, Mystery, Series

Book Blurb:
This is a series that takes place in NYC and involves a vampire, Mark Julian, who is the nephew of Augustus Caesar. He is a private investigator to the city’s supernatural community. He meets and falls in love with a human Detective named Vinnie Pasquale.

His secretary, a sex demon shape shifter named Jaime, who loves to dress in the style of  the 1940’s, assists Mark. By book two she meets her future love, Jean-Claude, the crown prince of the City’s major werewolf clan.

Mark and friends solve cases while battling wits with Tortego. He is the autocratic head of the supernatural city govt, a former head of the Spanish  Inquisition and a vampire who fears losing power to democratic counsel reformers like Jean-Claude.

By book ten you meet a cast that runs to approx., twenty and the reader not only has a mystery case in each book but also reads about power struggles, frustrated loves,  prejudice against mixed supernatural couplings etc. unfold during the books thus far.

Author Bio:  (Author Pic is attached in JPEG file)
L. G. Fabbo-Gonnella is a resident of the NYC metropolitan area. Since an early age he has been interested in "Dr. Who", all things vampire, the late 1940's noir movie style, pulp fictions and murder mysteries.

When not writing he can usually be found at his version of the "Letter Lounge" drinking a chilled cocktail with friends. Although he does not know of any vampires, he holds out the hope to one-day bump into one in a non-lethal encounter.

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