Thursday, July 24, 2014

Never the Perfect Moment by K-lee Klein

I'm so excited to have my friend,K-lee Klein, talking about her latest release, Never the Perfect Moment...

Never the Perfect Moment is a love story about best friends who just happen to work together. Friends to lovers is a trope I really like. I think it's the fact the characters have previous history other than romantic so know each other's little quirks, annoyances, and possible eccentricities already.
It's a different kind of intimacy when a love relationship starts with so much knowledge and can be a very familiar, comfortable transition. But at the same time there is the fear that should the romantic aspect of the relationship fail, something even more important may be lost—the friendship. That apprehension can also be compounded and more confusing when one friend has never been with a man before.

Those fears and concerns are exactly what Bryan has to deal with in Never the Perfect Moment. He loves Chrys as his SWAT partner and the best friend he's ever had. But he feels an even more powerful love, as well, the kind he's pushed to the back of his mind and heart, at least until a near tragedy occurs. 

Sometimes almost losing what you hold closest to your heart makes you realize fear is no excuse for not taking a risk in order to get what you really want.

Thanks for stopping by, K-lee!


Bryan Monroe has always catalogued his life in terms of moments—right moments, wrong moments, perfect moments. But when his best friend and partner on the police force, Chrys Delos, is shot in a raid gone bad, it’s one of the worst moments of Bryan’s life.
Bryan’s been secretly in love with Chrys for years, and the shooting is a wake-up call that it might be time to tell Chrys the truth. The problem is, Bryan’s never been with a man before, so in addition to worrying about Chrys’ injuries, he’s an indecisive wreck over the future.
But with the help of two unlikely matchmakers, Bryan knows it’s time to find the courage, and the perfect moment, to tell Chrys exactly how he feels... 

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